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Le Rosé

  • A blend of Pinot Noir (25 %), Cabernet Jura (25%), Galotta (12.5 %) und Mara (12.5 %)

    Tasting notes:

    Kumquat, mandarin peel, appetisingly fresh, very elegant, surprisingly mineral with a very fine touch of peperoni.


    30years old Pinot Noir

    20 years old Cabernet Jura,

    young Galotta and Mara


    Early harvest to attain freshness and lightness

    Gentle whole grape pressing after a short skin-contact maceration,

    spontaneous, natural fermentation, no oenological products added, 6 months on lees, 2/3 in stainless-steel tanks, 1/3 in oak barrels.

    Spontaneous malolactic fermentation,

    Filtration just before bottling with <20mg/l free Sulphur

    Wine and food pairing:

    Mild green or red curry, grilled vegetables, red fish tartar, Japanese gyoza.

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