Summer News 2020 

Dear friends,

What a beautiful summer with the easing of the lockdown. Although we should remain prudent and keep in mind that Corona is still in our midst!

So much came to pass during this worldwide mass isolation. Some people found serenity in the undoubtedly quieter moments to do some soul searching; some found it simply wonderful to have spent undisturbed moments with their families and some finally found time to accomplish certain tasks they have always longed to do.

As for us, we made good use of this time to finally tie the loose ends to complete the renovation.

And so here we are now – to finally present to you our newly opened tasting room and shop!

Our doors are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 14:00 to 18:00 o’clock and we would be delighted to welcome you!


In our vineyards

In the early hours on 12th May, we very narrowly escaped the frost damage by 2°C. Such late frost incidents which are fatal for delicate shoots, are known to be related to global warming and climate change. What a relief that the temperature did not fall further down and spared our vines.

Although much attention is given to the still ongoing pandemic and for the awaited vaccine developments for Covid 19, let us not forget that we still have an important issue to address and work on – that of climate change. We still have the task of helping to reduce global warming and environmental pollution that we humans and nature will benefit from.

At the end of May, we planted some Chenin Blanc, which is originally from the Loire Valley.  Just like the Savagnin which we planted last year and is originally from the French Jura, both varietals are not so well known although they rightfully deserve some spotlight. Even though they are pretty much unknown in the mainstream, these varietals make for very aromatic wines and are sought after by connoisseurs.

Tiny hailstones pelted the vineyards on the 26th June and once again, we were fortunate to have been spared from any damage.

As it happened, all is growing well in the vineyards. One could already spot the colour changes in Prior and the Pinot Noir. If the weather stays favourable, we will anticipate an early harvest by end of August just like in 2018.

As of today, there is a tiny bit of fungus but there are lots of grapes out there. We will have to do some serious green harvest in the next few weeks, in order to have well concentrated grapes.





Our latest addition did us proud. It was our first natural wine and it was in such good demand that it was nearly sold out after the first few months of bottling. If you have not tried it, I suggest that you come by our shop, taste it and get the last few bottles before it is too late.

“Open Cellar Door”

For those of you who have yet to taste our fully organic certified 2019 wines, we would be happy to have you on 1st and 2nd August, on the “Open Cellar Door” weekend.

To go with our delicious wines, we will be serving freshly baked Flammeküche from Markus Stocker from Ochsen, Oltingen.


Happy Summer and cheers from the KLUS 177 team,

Irene, Antoine and Team

Organic Certification

Since january 2019 we are as company certified organic.

That's why you will find on the 2018 wine-labels , next to the Bio-Suisse-Knospe, the description "in Umstellung"

--> in transition.


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