Domaine Nussbaumer
becomes KLUS 177


Dear friends,

We have come a long way since we took over Domaine Nussbaumer in Jan 2017. 

From the onset we’ve laid out our goals and uncompromising commitment to make our wines as natural as possible melding the influence of the terroir, the micro-climate, the local varieties and factors related to “being real and pure”.

In light of this commitment we have achieved our first milestone, as we became a fully certified

Bio-Suisse winery in Jan 2019.

Next year a Bio-dynamic certification will be bestowed on us and we will then become the first and only bio-dynamic winery in Basel.

Then came the quest to give the winery a new name that binds the wines to the soil and the surroundings.

A sustainable name which will stay beyond our tenure. We thought it could not be any better than Klus 177, our postal address and the very place where the vines grow, and the wines are made.

And voilà, Klus 177 is born.

The adventure of Klus 177 started with our bottled 2018 Riesling x Silvaner, Le Blanc, Pinot Gris,

Le Rosé and Pinot Noir classic

You are cordially invited to taste our 2018 wines in the KLUS or at the upcoming events.

May we take this opportunity to thank all our Domaine Nussbaumer’s customers and friends for all your immense support and trust over the years and we look forward to your continuous support in the newly founded Klus 177. 

A new beginning always come with a new aim, ours is no other than making the best wines that is respectful of the environment and to please the most difficult palate.



A vôtre santé!

Zum Wohl!


Antoine and Irene Kaufmann and their team

Organic Certification

Since january 2019 we are as company certified organic.

That's why you will find on the 2018 wine-labels , next to the Bio-Suisse-Knospe, the description "in Umstellung"

--> in transition.

KLUS 177 AG  //  Klusstrasse 177  //  4147 Aesch BL

061 751 45 45  //

IBAN: CH18 0076 9402 0962 9200 1

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