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Our winery

In 2017 Antoine and Irene Kaufmann took over the Domaine Nussbaumer in the picturesque and historic wine growing Swiss town of Aesch in Basel. 

A new era for the winery began with the conversion to Organic Cultivation (Bio Suisse Knospe)

and Biodynamic Cultivation (Demeter).

In the beginning of 2019, they proudly renamed the winery Klus 177, binding the wines with the soil and surroundings.

KLUS 177 is  the first Biodynamic winery in the region. 



We certainly do not misuse sustainability and the respect for the biodiversity, nature and beings as a marketing gimmick.

We live sustainably in our daily life - in the vineyard, the cellar and on to our dining habits.

We strive to be the best stewards of the environment, in the hope of leaving a better place for the future generations.

With humbleness and pride, we could proudly say our job is our passion!

Our philosophy in the Vineyards

  • ​Tending the biodiversity and health of the vineyards and its surroundings


  • Growing traditional and non-traditional grape varietals

  • Using of seeded plants for nutrients instead of fertilizers

  • Applying the biodynamic method that promotes life and harmony in the vineyards

  • Natural infusion and extraction of nutrients from beneficial plants such as Nettle and Horsetail



In our wines you will find authenticity, fruit, finesse and terroir.

We are convinced that only a nature-friendly viticulture can produce great wine quality.

How we work in the Cellar

  • We vinify only our estate grown grapes

  • Rigorous initial and secondary sorting of grapes

  • Slow and delicate pressing of grapes depending on the variety

  • Spontaneous or natural fermentation of the wines for full expression of terroir

  • Longer yeast contact/ longer ageing process with the yeast

  • We abstain from any unnecessary treatments mostly allowing nature to take care of the process. This gives as much freedom to the process with the least possible intervention!

  • Ageing wines are bottled without filtration

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